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The quality of your future is with the anesthesia quality insitute-AQI fall 2013 newsletter

What's new in anesthesia quality management
An update from the Anesthesia Quality Institute, by Dr. Dutton, M.D.

ASA Newsletter introduces the AQI, "It's vision and goals"
October 2009 Issue: article "Introducing the Anesthesia Quality Institute: what's In It for you?"

Frequently Asked Questions

About AQI and NACOR (PDF)

May 2010 Issue "Performance and outcomes measurement"

AQI media summary report-(As of June 2014) (PDF)

December 2011 Issue: Article "So what have we learned? An update from the AQI"

AQI reporting, April 22, 2013
On April 22, 2013, AQI hosted a webinar on how to navigate through our reports. The above link is a PDF document which visually shows an example of how to access each report.

Can AIMS improve quality in the surgical suite
Document outlining the importance of the Anesthesia Information Management System

Technical Documents

NACOR Data Validation

AQI XML Schema Documentation (PDF)
This document identifies data the AQI collects, illustrates the manner in which data is joined to AQI's XML schema, and facilitates the proper use of the schema.

XML Validation Tool
Resource for the XML developer.  Validates XML file against the AQI schema.  Also provides sample files including: wrong xml file, schema errors, correct billing file, and correct AIMS file.

The AQI's Anesthesia Record XML (XSD) schema draft - Online Browser

AQI Data Dictionary (XLS)

AQI Functional Design Document (PDF)

ASA's Committee on Performance and Outcomes Measurement (CPOM) Registry Data Set (PDF)
Document that forms the basis for recognized outcomes of interest included on the Anesthesia Quality Indicators Capture Sheet and their corresponding definitions.

Anesthesia Pediatric Outcome Template (DOC)

ASA Committee on Information Management white paper

This white paper is an introduction to rules of the road for AIMSs and can become the foundation for data-based decision-making that drives quality improvement, better outcomes, greater efficiency, science-based practice guidelines, public policy, and cost containment. The following are all links to PDF documents.  

Table of Contents




Benefits of AIMS

Data Sharing

Talking Points


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ACCF/AHA 2010 Position statement on composite measures for healthcare performance assessment

Turning data into dollars: How to use quality management information to create value for your practice

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Google Scholar- The Anesthesia Quality Institute