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Advancing Anesthesia Care through Research

The Participant Use File (PUF) is a data file containing cases submitted to the AQI NACOR registry.  The PUF contains patient level, aggregate data and does not identify hospitals, healthcare providers, or patients.  The intended purpose of this file is to provide researchers at participating sites with a data resource they can use to investigate and advance the quality of care delivered to anesthesia patients through the analysis of cases captured by AQI’s NACOR registry. The PUF is provided at no additional cost to anesthesia professionals of NACOR participating practices.

AQI data is positioned to examine critical questions pertaining to anesthesia care.  There is a vast repository of clinical data invaluable to those wishing to conduct anesthesia research.  AQI’s datasets hold answers to complex questions by collecting relevant clinical information such as patient risk factors and outcomes; procedures and treatment trends; and device facility and provider characteristics.

The PUF file extract contains over 20 million cases, from over 4 years and over 220 heterogeneous sources.  The file contains patient demographic, billing, procedural, and provider information, all in a single common format.

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PUF user guide

PUF Data Dictionary

Hospitals that have used the PUF data:

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Anesthesia Services, P.A.

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Danville Anesthesia

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Medical College of Wisconsin

Montefiore Medical Center

Mount Sinai

UCSF - Department of Anesthesia

University of Florida

University of Rochester Department of Anesthesiology

University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston

University of Kentucky Department of Anesthesia

Vanderbilt University

Weill Cornell Medical College


The AQI currently has researchers exploring data in the following areas:

PONV, Regional Anesthesia, Mortality, Obstetrics, Clinical Productivity, Maternal Quality, Healthcare Research, Ambulatory Surgery, Cardiac Arrest, Central Line Placement, and Acute Kidney Injury.

There are many other areas open to be explored!  Contact the AQI for more information on data or how to receive access to the PUF.

Note: The PUF is available in multiple download formats.  The PUF is a delimited data file which is 5.4 GB uncompressed.  This data file is too large to import into Microsoft Excel, doing so will truncate most of the data.  The use of a statistical package such as STATA, SPSS, or a database such as Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Oracle  is required.