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The vendors below have met the requirements of the AQI Preferred Vendor program.  They recognize the need for ongoing contribution of case-specific data to NACOR in a timely and efficient manner, and have developed an extract for data transmission to AQI.           

If you don’t see your software vendor listed below, we encourage you to contact them about developing an AQI standard extract.  We may also be working with new vendors not yet listed on this page.  Click here for more information on file formats and specifications under technical documents and resources on the vendors page. 

At abeo we understand technology and the role it plays in managing your practice. As a premiere provider of anesthesia billing and practice management services, abeo continues to make strides in providing excellent customer service and technology advances. Our proprietary software, MedSuite, offers robust data management and reporting capabilities. Our apps like abeoCoder and abeoChart offer new ways to make your practice more efficient and accessible than ever. For more information, visit

Anesthesia Business Group is an organization comprised of the leading anesthesiology practices in the United States. We have extensive experience in the digital collection and submission of quality assurance data, which we have gained through the establishment of our national quality database, the ABG Anesthesia Data Safety Group, PSO. Our experts will be happy to assist your practice in establishing a process for digital data collection and for reporting your data to the Anesthesia Quality Institute. Contact us at

AdvantEdge is a technology-enabled provider of anesthesia business management solutions that substantially improve decision making, maximize financial performance, improve quality and eliminate compliance risks. Our proven solutions include medical billing, coding, revenue optimization, informatics, compliance and practice management. All are tailored to meet each client’s specific business needs. Each is delivered with our ClientFirst focus and philosophy. Anesthesiologists and hospitals have confidence that AdvantEdge services complement their focus on coordinated, high quality care within a patient-centric delivery system. Our QualityEdge product enables complete AQI reporting with minimum effort and cost.

Anesthesia Business Consultants, LLC, specializes in billing & practice management services for anesthesia and pain management providers, featuring the proprietary, state-of-the-art practice management software, F1RSTAnesthesia™. We focus exclusively on anesthesia billing services and management services for private practices and teaching environments, improving your cash flow and profitability.

Since 1978, Anesthesia Management Partners has been the industry leader in working exclusively with anesthesia & pain management providers. This gives us a unique expertise that greatly benefits our clientele. Our clients would say we are a trusted resource because we have proven ourselves to be extremely capable of delivering high quality business solutions. Much more than a "billing service", we strive to deliver comprehensive business solutions that positively affect our clients "bottom line". In spite of a rapidly changing healthcare environment, we are committed to continuing to be at the forefront of industry changes.

At Cerner, we provide the most comprehensive family of solutions for the healthcare industry.  By providing complete clinical, financial, IT management and consulting services. We help organizations and communities of every size increase quality of care while reducing costs.  Our mission remains to contribute to the improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities.  Cerner's Perioperative Solution is the only fully integrated perioperative solution that creates a perioperative safety zone which facilitates informed decision making by clinicians.  Our anesthesia and surgical management tools consolidates access to patient information; managing allergies, checklists, medication processes, procedures and combines smart device connectivity. Our solutions provide the client with a solution to manage an integrated, longitudinal, comprehensive record which no longer isolates surgical information.

Technology focused solutions for anesthesia is Avid's "only" mission. We are truly avid about delivering the best combination of product and services to help meet your medical billing and office automation needs. We specialize in anesthesia billing software solutions.

ePREOP is an innovative web-based software service that communicates health information and coordinates the delivery of high-quality care. The industry leading Clinical Decision Support system generates preoperative clinical guidelines and is now matched with a full Quality Measure tracking system called ePOSTOP. This revolutionary platform captures PQRS data, postoperative surveys, and a wide range of AQI recommended quality measures.

EVKO is an information technology services and solutions provider specializing in data management, integration, and custom solutions development for the healthcare industry. Our product, Xpress Solutions, is a cost effective and easy to use tool specifically developed for Anesthesia Quality Improvement initiatives. Xpress Solutions provides a mechanism for practices to submit data to the AQI registry and can report on all AQI data elements. Our solution can be used for quality indicators, patient satisfaction surveys, and outcomes collection, analysis, and reporting. Data can be entered at the point of care on paper form, workstation, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Spectrum Medical Group has developed an innovative quality data collection and reporting solution to track and improve patient outcomes. We call this product FIDES. Quality data including patient name, type of surgery, patient identifier, patient risk factors as well as other critical information is captured and tracked. With our FIDES software, groups can demonstrate to partners and payers actual outcomes quickly and easily. Cost effective, straight forward and valuable: FIDES is your quality improvement solution.

iMDsoft is a leading provider of Clinical Information Systems for critical, perioperative, and acute care environments. The company's flagship family of solutions, the MetaVision Suite, was first implemented in 1999. It captures, documents, analyzes, reports and stores the vast amount of patient-related data generated in a hospital. iMDsoft products demonstrate a 100% customer retention rate and 100% implementation success rate. Hospitals worldwide - including 4 of the top 10 US hospitals and 13 of the top 50 European hospitals - use MetaVision to improve care quality, enhance financial results, support research and promote compliance with government, payor, and hospital protocols.

Still waiting on an electronic Quality Measurement tool? Tracking quality on a paper form with check boxes? Don’t know how to get the data from paper to AQI? Are completed forms stacking up in your office? Need quality metrics to help negotiate that next hospital contract? Integra PaperLESS helps you bridge that gap from “paper” Quality Tracking Forms to your future, electronic Quality Measurement solution. From time consuming data capture, to form standardization, to automated forms capture, and monthly reporting to AQI, let Integra PaperLESS be the interim solution for Quality Tracking.

Jenesys provides a full suite of medical billing, coding and practice management services. Jenesys was formed to provide client-focused solutions for anesthesia practices that understand billing and practice management services are not a commodity. The Jenesys service model was created to provide a complete, integrated management solution in which we become a true partner with our clients, not just an extension of an impersonal service vendor. For more information, please visit

MBS is a full service practice management company specializing in Quality Programs,  Performance Metrics, Strategic Planning, and Revenue Management for Anesthesiology Groups of all sizes.  In today’s competitive environment, data management, financial performance and quality service are the keys to success – Our pledge: Apply our resources, knowledge and leadership skills to help you achieve your goals.  Through skilled dynamic staff we partner with our clients to meet the on-going challenges of delivering quality cost-effective care.

Medi-Corp, Inc. is an anesthesia focused revenue cycle management company with the experience of over 20 years in the industry while maintaining a startup business philosophy that enables our clients to stay ahead of the changing healthcare landscape. With our emphasis on personalized client relationships and by offering customized software, management and consulting solutions we are better able to help your practice pivot towards increased profitability. Contact our President, David Kadish, directly to discuss how we can work with you to improve your business at 908-653-9399 x 109 or via email.

Taking care of patients. Taking care of business. McKesson’s anesthesia management solutions help anesthesiologists better manage hands-on care and improve business performance. Our holistic approach addresses your entire practice, including McKesson Anesthesia Care™ for anesthesia information management system (AIMS), Anesthesia-Rx™ for the medication dispensing, and Revenue Management Solutions for coding and billing, compliance, and practice management. You focus on the patient. We’ll focus on you. Let’s make better health happen, together.  Visit

At Medac, we lead and enable our business partner’s success through technology. Our proprietary, state-of-the-art billing information management system (Kam Technologies) is designed exclusively for anesthesia and pain management. We also developed new technology (Quality Capture MD) to revolutionize and simplify the way anesthesia providers collect and report on quality measures—empowering them to easily establish clinical excellence and succeed in a pay-for-performance environment.

At MedOasis, we focus exclusively on anesthesia billing services and management services for private practices and teaching environments, improving your cash flow and profitability.

 Medical Management Professionals, Inc. (MMP) was founded in 1993 and is a leading provider of billing and practice management services to anesthesiologists. It currently serves more than 60 anesthesiology practices with more than 1100 anesthesia providers combined. MMP’s flexible solutions range from billing-only services to full-practice management services. For more information about MMP, visit

Perioperative Services, LLC (Periop) specializes in meeting the business needs of anesthesiologists and pain management specialists. We know your professional time is committed to your patients; helping them to achieve health and quality of life.  We understand the importance of partnering with our clients to help them manage the business side of their practice. Periop provides expert resources in practice management, revenue cycle management and strategic practice initiatives. Our focus is the health of your practice.

Plexus Information Systems makes your convenience our top priority with the most innovative AIMS available today. Anesthesia Touch is designed specifically to make data collection as easy as possible. A QA entry portal in the user interface makes 100% compliance easy to achieve and quarterly reporting to AQI can be manual or fully automated. Data collection outside the operating room with our preop module, and mobile application (using iPads or smart phones) ensures your reporting is complete. We are the first AIMS created using the iPad operating system, and the 1st to have complete meaningful use certification, to interface wirelessly with monitors, and to allow simultaneous record access. Cost effective and comprehensive solutions are available. For more information, visit

PPM Information Solutions, Inc. (PPMIS) specializes in medical billing solutions for the anesthesia community. Formed by anesthesiologists to serve the anesthesia specialty, we help clients get paid more, faster. Although our specialty is anesthesia and pain management, our products are currently used to bill for more than 20 different specialties. Our unique approach to providing both software and billing services allows PPMIS to serve the precise needs of your practice. For more information, visit

Physicians Professional Management, Inc. provides complete billing and practice management services exclusively to anesthesia and pain management practices.  For over 20 years, we have been a valued partner to some of the country’s most successful anesthesia practices.  We are technology driven, and every aspect of our business is designed to enhance your profitability.  For more information, please visit

Quantum Clinical Navigation System is a perioperative QA program designed by clinicians, for clinicians. Quantum CNS allows physicians to prove greater patient care and prepares them for the future of healthcare.

The SAMBA Clinical Outcomes Registry is a web-based database designed to assist ambulatory anesthesiologists track their own outcomes, compare with national benchmarks, and meet regulatory requirements. SAMBA is a sub-specialty society of the ASA. This registry provides an web-based interface for ambulatory practices to capture case data, including outcomes.

Shareable Ink is an enterprise cloud-based platform that simplifies clinical documentation and EHR use by capturing structured, clinically-rich data using natural input tools including iPad, digital pen and voice recognition. Our solutions for anesthesia, surgery centers, providers and patient check-in are used in leading hospitals and healthcare systems across North America. Shareable Ink amplifies what works in healthcare, and enables clinicians to focus on the patient, deliver the best outcomes and improve the bottom line. For additional information, please visit

SIS provides software solutions that are uniquely designed to add value at every point of the perioperative process. All SIS solutions – including anesthesia – are architected on a single database and integrate easily with other hospital systems. SIS Anesthesia provides complete documentation of the anesthesia record and electronic capture of key AQI data. SIS offers the only surgical scheduling system endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA), and a rules-based charging system that has been granted Peer Reviewed status by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

9g Enterprises provides tools to help organizations get better via high technology and scientific method. Their Survey Vitals solution provides quality measures for medical organizations in the assessment of patients, physicians and staff as well as the fulfillment of CMS, AHRQ, and MOC requirements.  The solution allows for easy administration, exact-time alerts, awareness screens, and robust reporting at a low cost. Survey Vitals is dedicated to helping medical organizations Get Better.

Zotec Partners is a revenue cycle management company with a proven track record of solving real world, bottom-line challenges for the nation’s leading anesthesia groups. As an industry leader in medical billing and practice management software and services, Zotec Partners is committed to the continual pursuit of excellence in the anesthesiology revenue cycle management industry by delivering effective solutions through innovative software, personalized service and measurable client results. For more information, visit

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