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Instructions for updating ASA membership information

NACOR minimum field requirements

Participant checklist (PDF)
AQI participating practices may find this checklist helpful in understanding the various steps toward monthly data submission to the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry (NACOR).  The checklist covers the practice survey (demographic data), preparation for uploading billing/case data, quality  data, and accessing practice reports. 

Provider excel spreadsheet (XLS)
The provider spreadsheet is an alternative method of completing the anesthesia provider information on the AQI website practice survey.  The spreadsheet may be an easier method for practices with a large number of providers.  Please note the sample entries and the instructions tab for clarification of each data element.  Provider spreadsheets should be emailed to AQI for upload to the practice's website provider list.      

Practice report table of contents (PDF)
The sample table of contents illustrates the typical data contained in a practice report.  The reports are dynamic and vary in granularity depending on the depth of the data uploaded by the practice. 

Guide for submitting data to NACOR (PDF)
The guide outlines the types of NACOR data, how data is uploaded and AQI's file format and specifications, including a link to a validation tool for software vendors.  

AQI preferred vendor list
These vendors have met the requirements of the "AQI Preferred Vendor" program by working with AQI to develop an extract for their clients who submit data to NACOR.  You may contribute to AQI if your vendor is not a Preferred Vendor.  We encourage you to contact them about participating with the AQI to develop a standard extract.  

Other vendors
Listing and links to other vendors who market anesthesia-specific products.

AQI reporting (PPT)
Slides from April 22, 2013, Webinar on AQI Practice Reports.  Includes an AQI status update and demonstrates new features of AQI practice reports.

AQI registry practice technology information update form
AQI maintains a database containing information to help us facilitate data file transmissions to the registry.  We request your assistance in helping us to keep our records current by completing questions about the current state of your technology.