Cases in NACOR


Introduction to NACOR  | NACOR Dashboard

NACOR is a data warehouse that will eventually capture the 40 million anesthetics (a very rough estimate) and millions of pain clinic procedures performed each year by anesthesiologists in the United States.  NACOR has gathered data on millions of cases, from thousands of facilities and providers. The continued growth of NACOR requires close collaboration between the AQI, individual providers, and healthcare information technology vendors. Roles will be as follows:

Our participants range from pen-and-paper practices to the most wired academic centers. You do not need an AIMS systems or electronic health records (EHR) to participate. AQI will help facilitate contribution of data that is readily available in electronic form, beginning with your billing data and proceeding to other EHR and QM software as it becomes available. The desired data falls into four broad categories:

For a more detailed description of the desired data for NACOR click here