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Our Mission
AQI's mission is to develop and maintain an ongoing registry (NACOR) of case data that will become the primary resource for anesthesiologists looking to assess and improve patient care. The registry will be organized in a way that anesthesiology practice groups will desire to submit their case information and so that individual anesthesiologists, practice groups, researchers, and professional societies will find data useful and needed to improve the quality of care.

How the AQI Works
AQI is a non-profit corporation, created to collect electronic anesthesia case data from practice groups, hospitals, and information technology vendors. Collected data includes:

This data is aggregated by AQI and reported to the contributing practices, allowing them to benchmark their care relative to peer groups and other hospitals. AQI data is used for research into anesthesia risk factors, comparative effectiveness, and identification of best practices, and also used by ASA to develop quality measures, practice standards and guidelines.

AQI participants are also entitled to a complimentary copy of Anesthesia in the United States.  The annual publication contains abstracted descriptive statistical information about the profession of anesthesiology.  Members may download the publication on the Members Only page of the AQI website.

AQI data is of value to practicing anesthesiologists for:

The AQI is of value to the broader healthcare community by:

Established by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the AQI represents the next step in the specialty’s quality improvement mission. Although operating as a separate 501(c)(3) entity, AQI’s work complements and enhances the efforts of ASA and other organizations such as the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research, the National Surgical Quality Improvement Project and the Surgical Quality Alliance. For example, data from the AQI will be an additional resource for the Closed Claims Project, which collects outcomes from closed legal cases filed against anesthesiologists in order to review safety processes and improve the quality of care. Publications from the Closed Claims Project have contributed to a 50% decrease in malpractice costs for anesthesiologists over the past 25 years and reduced risk-adjusted anesthesia mortality rates from two deaths per 10,000 anesthetics administered to one death per 200,000-300,000 anesthetics administered. The addition of AQI data powers a greater understanding of the numbers of patients at risk for serious complications, and enables focused prevention and mitigation strategies.

Our Ultimate Goal
The AQI ultimately exists to improve patient care. Collecting and analyzing data from anesthesiology and pain practices across the country providex sthe data needed to understand best practices, and creates a network for dissemination. In the end, the AQI will save lives and improve the quality of care.

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